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English Setters for Sale

Lily (Lily )

There are three adult females available in the NW right now. Call me for info. 360-661-1142 or email setterridge@englishsetter.com

puppies (Terah Forrest Litter)

These puppies have the amazing temperament of their parents. They absolutely love everyone and everything and they are so sweet. They are all Blue or Tri Color. Beautiful bone and angles, heads and coat. Really pretty puppies. They will be eight weeks old on the 31st of March.

Aiden (Aiden)

Aiden is adorable and loves kids. He is super fun and he loves to cuddle. He and his litter mates are all BAER hearing normal and ready to go to their forever homes now.

Riley (Riley)

Riley is so smart. She has always been the first to figure everything out. She is very birdy and loves to point. She and her littermates are all BAER hearing normal.

Candy (Candy)

Candy is really a funny puppy with an outgoing personality and great movement. She is elegant and beautiful. She and her litter mates are BAER hearing normal and ready to go to their new forever homes now.

Caden (Caden)

Caden is a handsome big boned puppy. He has a very pretty head and a wonderful temperament and movement. He and his litter mates are hearing normal and ready to go to their forever homes now

Dodger (Dodger)

Dodger has the sweetest temperament. He loves kids and cats and dogs. He loves to go on walks and lay on the couch and cuddle. He is really a neat puppy.

Ozzy (Ozzy)

Ozzy is an amazing young dog with a wonderful temperament. He is so amiable and eager to please. He loves to be with you and do what you be involved in your activities. He is doing awesome on his bird work on Pheasants. He has a great point and a lot of intensity. He has great pedigree and sound parents.