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LB (Set'r Ridge's Noble of Tamarac)

LB is a handsome boy. He moves very nice, has a beautiful top line and balance. He loves kids, other dogs and the cat. He is very sweet. He and his litter mates all have normal Hearing.

Remington (Set’r Ridge’s Remington Of Tamarac)

Remington is doing awesome in his hunting training. He points with lots of style and intensity. He has great drive and is handsome. Dual potential. He has a wonderful temperament.

Teal (Set'r Ridge's Exquisite of Tamarac)

Teal is a beautiful , elegant girl. She moves gracefully and true. She is very sweet and is very kind with Kids, dogs and cats. She loves to cuddle and be with people. She and her littermates are BAER hearing normal

Mark (Set'r Ridge's Remarkable or Tamarac)

Mark is a handsome puppy with good bone and angles. He moves nicely and he is very outgoing. He loves everybody and everything. He and his littermates are BAER hearing normal.