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Jesse (Jesse)

Jesse is a handsome puppy with nice balance movement and a wonderful temperament. he loves the cat. He is BAER hearing normal as are his littermates.

Hunters (Hunting Puppies)

We have puppies now that are tons of Natural instinct and great point. They have tons of drive and wonderful temperaments. They are all BAER hearing Normal.

Sassy (Sassy)

Sassy if very friendly, out going, confident. VERY sweet. She would make a great hunting dog and has a nice point and and nice run. She is fine with cats. She has lovely movement, nice side gait, coming and going, good top line, dark eyes, and has really nice dark pigment. She has a nice fat non curly correct coat. Her bite is level. Sassy is two years old.

Cody (Cody)

Cody has great bone and a beautiful head.

Baily (Baily)

This is Bailey, she is almost 10 months old. She is very sweet and affectionate. She is good with kids and other dogs, and she absolutely loves our orange cat. She will be your best friend in no time at all. Bailey moves nicely and has a beautiful topline and tail set.

Jared (Jared)

Jared is a handsome well balanced puppy. He will do well in the ring and the field. He has a wonderful temperament. He is BAER hearing normal as are his littermates.

Daniel (Set'r Ridge's Gardian of the Galaxy)

Daniel is a handsome puppy who loves people. He loves kids other dogs and the cat. He has an incredibly sweet temperament. He and his littermates are BAER hearing normal and micro chipped. Daniel is eight months old.

Wiliam (William)

William is very sweet and loves everyone. He plays with our cat and he loves kids. He is BAER hearing normal as are his littermates and they are micro chipped.

Tisha (Tisha)

Tisha is a beautiful show puppy. She has great angles movement and personality.