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Justin (Justin)

Updated July 4. Justin is a handsome puppy. He is sweet and lively, he loves to be a part of what you are doing.

Blair (Blair)

New photos July 27th. Blair is a handsome boy. He loves kids and other animals. He has a lot of bone and body and a very sweet temperament.

Bailie (Bailie)

Bailie is a beautiful show quality tri female. She has good body, angles, bone, nice movement and is outgoing. She is BAER hearing normal as are all of her littermates.

Fancy (Fancy)

Updated 7-4-22 Fancy is an elegant girl with a wonderful personality. The tear staining is from the pine wood pellets. It will go away.

Glory (Glory)

Updated 7-4-22 . Glory is a super happy puppy, that loves to go everywhere that you do. She is so sweet and loving.

Grant (Grant )

Updated July 27th. Grant has the best personality. He is laid back and easy going and loves every one. He has great body and movement.

Andrew (Andrew)

Updated July 11th. Andrew is a handsome puppy with great bone and a wonderful personality. He is a joy to be with and he loves everybody. Ask for a video.

Lacey (Lacey)

Updated July 27th. Lacey is super cuddly and sweet. She loves to do things with you and she is great with other animals and children.

Danny (Danny)

Updated July 27th. Danny is put together nicely. Good angles and topline. He has a great personality as well.

Cami (Cami)

New photos July 27th. Cami is an adorable puppy with a thick coat. She has a sweet face and a wonderful personality. she loves everybody.