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09-06-2016 - I have owned three Setter Ridge dogs.
I have known Melissa for 14 years and have owned three dogs with her. When I state that I have owned dogs with her, I mean that it is true partnership. Irrespective of whether your dog is a show dog or just a companion, Melissa cares about every dog that she has bred, and is always there for you and your dog. She is a responsible breeder that stands by every dog, and is always there for you for any issue you may have. I count her as a friend and have learned a lot from her over the years. She breeds complete dogs, meaning that they are bred to do well in the show ring, in the field, and at home as companions. Louis Salemy MTS Capital Cell phone (617)947-3026
08-31-2016 - Our dogs would rather Hunt than Eat Filet Mignon
August 31, 2016 We have had the honor of owning three English Setters that we purchased from Melissa Newman of Setter Ridge Kennels over the course of the past 16 years. Melissa was a pleasure to deal with and a tremendous help in selecting the right pet & hunting partner for us. Melissa knows Setters inside and out and she has the innate ability to know what the dog’s temperament and show & hunting ability will be. All of our Setters have been absolutely the most loving, intelligent, people and child friendly pets we’ve ever owned or seen. Their hunting instinct is so strong that all three of them would rather hunt than eat a filet mignon if any sort of game were in their area. And their noses were and are incredible. These pets love to kayak with us, adore boat rides so they can point ducks & water fowl, work the fields & woods for grouse and other upland game birds like the hunters they are. They get along well with other dogs whose owners constantly compliment their beauty & demeanor. And all of our setters adapted to our lake home in NW Wisconsin and our Florida home on Marco Island Florida where they hunt small gecko lizards in our lanai during happy hour (they point them too!). We proudly give Melissa Newman and her Setter Ridge Kennels our highest recommendation. Steve & Julie Riley Cable, WI. & Marco Island, FL.
11-21-2014 - I want you to know how much I treasure Tanner
Hi Melissa, I want you to know how much I treasure Tanner. He is such a love, he kind of melts in my arms. His presence in my life makes each day brighter. I also think he is up there at the top of the list of most handsome English Setters. I am going to get my daughter, Roben, to help me take a photo to send to you. All your hard work breeding and raising such wonderful english setters brings so much joy to so many. My first English Setter Sugar was from the Jhahil/ Bludawns Jenny litter. Having her join my family was a dream come true. I had always loved English Setters from afar since I was a little girl. I was so excited when I discovered you, Melissa, and that Setter Ridge was not so far away from the island where I lived. My two year old daughter and I visited you. It was wonderful to be greeted by your beautiful puppies and dogs. You provided my daughter the opportunity to lead around one of your adult dogs who responded gently to her every turn. The setter was as tall or taller then my daughter! It seemed that our puppy, Sugar, chose us as much as we chose her. My daughter grew up with her almost as a sister. She read books to Sugar and they played dress up in lots of girly dresses. Sugar got along with every one of our animals, including ducks, chickens, rabbits, and cockatiels. She even participated in the 4th of July parade. Sugar was indeed my dream come true as my first english setter. Best wishes to you and your family. Penelope and Tanner
08-22-2014 - My Angel that dries my tears.
When I made the decision that I wanted an English Setter, I knew that Setter Ridge was where I wanted to go and that Melissa would make sure I got just the right one. Set'r Ridge's National Treasure came trotting into my life in the spring of 2011 and he has been a true heart dog. He loves the show ring and is a multiple Best of Breed winner. We have started competing in Rally and plan on running in hunt tests soon. Cash is the gentlest soul and my grandson calls him "my best friend" After losing my beloved husband I am trying to figure out my new normal and Cash continues to be my angel. His shoulders are just big enough to hold me up. I have Giggle to make me laugh and Cashie to dry my tears.. GCH Set'r Ridge's National Treasure RN might be his official name but to me, he's my Cashie Pants, my heart.
08-19-2014 - Our dogs love our cats and protect the chickens.
We got Holly and Winston as puppies in the fall of 2008, and they have been a constant source of delight. They laugh, they play, and every time they conk out, they either either lie down in exactly the same position, or as exact mirror images. Its bizarre, but we attribute it to their being litter mates. They get smiles from everyone and give them right back. They have never met someone they didn't instantly like, so don't expect your ES to become a guard dog. They are good with other dogs, they are 'besties' with our two cats, and they either leave the chickens alone, or hang with them if the chickens are worried about something. Grooming is a bit of a 'thing' with them, so, since I rarely spend time on my own hair, I keep theirs short (except during the winter) and easy to manage, as well. I couldn't ask for a better, happier, more obedient dog. They just want to please, and they always do. Take care, Cary
08-13-2014 - Willow loves Children and loves the cats.
Life truly is better with a (Setter Ridge) English Setter! I am so thankful to have found Melissa and for her wealth of experience raising incredible English Setters. I was new to the breed and hesitant to purchase a dog I hadn't seen in person, but Melissa was very patient, quick to respond to my unending questions, and reassuring throughout the entire process. She readily connected me with a local family with two of her dogs. I was able to meet them and learn more about the breed and Setter Ridge; they, too, had only wonderful things to say. After explaining that I didn't want a puppy and needed a mellow yet athletic dog to keep up with my active lifestyle in Alaska, Melissa suggested her one-and-a-half-year old female, (now known as Willow). Willow is perfect in every way. From the moment she arrived, she has been a total joy. Not only is she absolutely gorgeous - we literally cannot go walking anywhere without people stopping (often in their cars) to admire her - but her demeanor could not be more sweet. She comes to work with me each day and is around a lot of young children; she is always gentle, calm, and affectionate. At home there are two cats, both of which were fearful of dogs before meeting Willow. Now, I regularly find one of them cuddling next to her in bed. Willow is a wonderful companion for my many long trail runs and hikes, which is exactly what I wanted, but also perfectly content sleeping the day away underfoot at my office. While she occasionally "points" at birds and squirrels, this is the extent of her prey drive; she exhibits none of the high-energy, skittish, or mischievous characteristics typical of field line English Setters. Melissa bred and trained an incredible, loyal dog that I cannot imagine life without. I'm now hooked on English Setters and my hope is that Melissa will continue to raise more of her exceptional dogs. I have already recommended Setter Ridge to the many people I have met while out and about with Willow, and if decide to breed her, Melissa will unquestionably be involved. Thank you for everything! Meredyth
08-05-2014 - 8 month old puppy, Best Puppy and Best of Winners
Susan & Brock Daugherty, Flanagan Springs Kennel We just returned from a regional ESAA show where our 8 month old puppy went Best Puppy, Best in Sweeps, Winners Dog and Award of Merit against some really beautiful, mature dogs. This pup is so much more than we could have ever imagined owning in a lifetime. We put our trust and faith in Melissa, because of the wonderful reputation and the beautiful dogs that she has produced. We wanted a pup that had the potential to compete in the show ring, excel in the field and be a wonderful companion in the home. Melissa assured us this pup would fill the bill so we anxiously awaited his arrival. From the moment he arrived you could tell how well socialized he had been. He was bold and confident in every situation. He carries himself with grace and beauty and a presence that is palpable. He has really been a joy. We raise Ryman Style setters and were looking for a male to add to our blood lines. We had long admired Melissa’s dogs and dreamed of one day owning one. So when our friend showed us pictures of Brandon and thought he was a special dog we took this leap of faith. After all, what we needed was a dog with the Setter Ridge name and reputation behind it. We would get that, and Sarah would get a dog she could have fun with in the show ring. Well, 4 months later we couldn’t be more thrilled with our boy. We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this pup as he matures. Melissa has been kind and attentive and given advice when requested, and shared in our joy when Brandon did well. She patiently has answered all my questions both before and after the sale. We know we can call on her at any time and she will either share in Brandon’s success or have advice to offer. This dog show world is new to Brock and I so we have really appreciated her guidance and advice. We look forward to getting to know her better over the years and we’re so glad she trusted us with this wonderful pup.
08-05-2014 - We love our puppy
Our English Setter puppy came to us as Setter Ridge's Let Freedom Ring. And in addition to being born on July 5th and coming to the Philadelphia area, it was only fitting that we give him the call name Benjamin "Ben" Franklin. Ben is the happiest dog we've ever met! He has the sweetest disposition and always aims to please. He loves people and attention. Ben joined Trixie, our Irish Red & White Setter, who is 1 year older, and they formed a great bond and love to play together. Ben will be going for his CGC Title this fall and we intend to show him and take both him and his sister for hunting training. Ben is an all-around great dog with tremendous versatility and is loved by everyone who meets him. We highly recommend Melissa and her Setter Ridge kennel. Jeff and Beth
04-21-2013 - Rylee- She's our Hunter/Show Dog/Beloved Pet
Melissa, about 16 months ago our lives changed as we knew it when Rylee came into our household. We had searched extensively to find the right breed and the right breeder for our family. Our search led us directly to Setter Ridge Kennels and the beautiful line of classic English Setters that you breed. Several things led us to Setter Ridge; the classic style, the grace, and the pedigree, as well as your devotion to the breed. It was by fate that shortly after contacting you Rylee was available and soon she was on the way to our house. When she came in to our home it was like she was a member of the family already. Never had we had a puppy that was more well socialized then she was. As I had gathered from my research, it was evident that there was a tremendous amount of love and devotion infused already. I'm quite certain that all of your puppies have that same love and devotion and it was evident that you care enough to place each one of them in a home that is ready and deserves them. She has proven to be everything that we had hoped for and more. I wanted a gorgeous Setter that I would be able to hunt with and be proud to show off. She has proven to be just that and more. Over the past 16 months I have been working with her in the field and just this past weekend she passed four consecutive hunt tests to earn her Junior Hunter title! She has proven to be an incredible hunter and her instints and nose are amazing. She does not haphazardly point. If she points, have your gun ready, there will be a bird there! With your help we are now going to start showing her and look forward to her show career! Melissa, I cannot express to you how much we love our Rylee and love the confidence in knowing that she came from such quality stock. We are hooked! There will be many more Setters in our future but there will only be one first! We are so proud and blessed that you found us worthy to own Rylee and become a member of the Setter Ridge family! Kindest Regards, James Ledbetter
09-30-2012 - Adopting an Adult Setter
Hi Melissa I just wanted to make contact with you to let you know how well we are progressing here. Both Adam and I could not be happier. You were right, Chandler is a sweetie and stunning too!!!.....It was very hard for me to trust so completely that he would be this way, and that flying would not present a problem for him. Because of your professional reputation (which I have followed since we got our first setter from Sarah Sly - 30 plus years ago) I was compelled and felt confident in your advice. I want you to know what a huge step that was for me......showing how important a 'reputation' counts. Chandler is doing so very well - We live a pretty routine life, which has been easy for him to fit into. Though, he is always available for a new experience!! He loves first thing in the morning scouting out and making sure no squirrels or bunnies are in our yard.....this can take a good 45 minutes to 2 hours of running and checking all corners of the property. He also loves his walks and continues to 'hunt' the neighborhood, pointing out anything that he feels we need to see - yes pointing -- perfectly ! It is not unusual for a car to stop and someone to admire him - usually with a comment like 'where is our gun!!" The rest of the morning he is a couch potato, but still a bit on alert from his perch ont he loveseat -- just in case of a squirrel attack. We also walk him by the ocean each afternoon. He loves it, and is socializing extremely well with people and dogs. Of course, he is a star. He sees egrets, seagulls commerants and ducks and swans. We have found once he shows us with a point where they are - we praise and move on. Typically while walking in Plymouth people stop and ask if they can take his picture.....many days, he poses 4 or 5 times !!! Mainly I want you to know that this boy of ours is so intelligent -- we have never had such a smart one. He learns quickly and as most english setters, wants to please, he does - but it more than that......it makes him happy. He has no stubbornness, which I have seen with other setters.....he truly has happiness to his core - loves both Adam and I and wags his tail most all day when you speak to him.....He is alerthis hearing and sight are extraodinary. He loves to play silly, but mainly loves to cuddle --wagging his tail as you pet and hold him. He truly surpasses all the grades of positive characteristics in this beloved breed......a gentleman by nature. We have continued with your feeding program, which I must say he adores. Also, I am giving the Nuvet supplement --Chandler came to us with an amazing coat and sparkling eyes --exceptional hearing / sight --weight --he is the same as the day he arrived. I believe this diet had something to do with it and will continue with what you started. Though we credit his diet --we mainly credit you with an excellent breeding program and care of this breed we all adore. I again want to think you for being there when we really needed a trusted resource. This has been a wonderful 7 months. Joy and happiness has returned to our home.....we thank you for that ! I hope this is a long relationship we have together with you. Fondly, susan and adam sherman 215 main street kingston, ma. 02364 30 September 2012
01-30-2012 - Wind Dancer ES Kathy Rodriguez
I have been breeding; showing, doing obedience, hunt tests and field trails with my English setters since 1991. My first English was Fancy who became Dual Champion Gold Rushs Fancy Dancer CDX, SH, HDX, Fancy was a daughter of the great Dual Champion, Best in Show Setr Ridges Solid Gold MH, CDX, owned by Melissa. It was through Fancy I met what I consider to be a true friend a kindred spirit, Melissa Newman. I first met Melissa in 1991 at the Golden Gate English setter specialty. She was so kind and friendly to this newbie (me) who had no clue at that time of just how special Fancy was or what the heck I was doing. Melissa patiently put up with all my dumb questions and she still does 21 years later. Melissa gave me my foundation bitch "Dakara" Ch Set'r Ridges Special Affects (who won the 2000 ESAA English Setter National Futurity handled by Melissa) Melissa and I co-own Dakara. Without Melissa's generosity I would never of gotten such a wonderful dog and she means the world to me. Since then we have shared and co-owned several English setters. Over the years Melissa and I have become very good friends, I have slept on her couch a zillion times, been to baseball, basketball, football, softball, dodge ball games and horse shows, as she supported her kids with her presence. Her family always comes first. Her dogs are sweet and gentle and cared for with kindness and dedication. Melissa and I co-own several dogs, and have been to lots of shows and field trials together over the years and I can personally attest to her good sportsmanship, even when the loss broke her heart, she always graciously congratulates the winner. She is helpful and kind to anyone needing help or guidance and often shows other folk dogs for them with the skill many professional handlers (both in the field and in the show ring) can only dream of. Melissa has probably forgotten more than I will ever know about English setters, their care; grooming; health, whelping, puppies, training. She is honest and forthright and a value to our community in so many ways. I would not hesitate to recommend getting a puppy or dog from Melissa. And I am very honored to say she is my friend and has always been there for me when times were rough. I truly look forward to many more fun times with Melissa, her family and her dogs!! Kathy Rodriguez WIND DANCER English setters Prospect, OR 97536 541-560-3561
01-12-2012 - Brett Cain
Many years ago when I bred and showed Irish Setters, I always admired the English Setters and thought I would like to have one someday. In 2004 I went to Westminster. Melissa had Sahara there that year, and I spoke to her briefly about the English Setters at that time. I did a lot of homework before I made a decision, and knew that I wanted a Setr Ridge dog. In October I received future champion Setr Ridge Patriot (we call him Reagan). He has exceeded my expectations. Besides that he is beautiful, he has the best disposition and personality I could have ever wished for. Of course, he is a typical puppy, like when he recently decided it would be great fun to jump from the back of the couch onto the piano! Aside from that, he is a joy in my life. He is loving and affectionate, playful but not hyper, and a total joy to have around. He loves to stalk everything - including me! He is going through the paces now to learn how to be a show dog, and I know we will have great fun together. This puppy is really a testament to Melissas breeding program. If anyone is even thinking about an English Setter, please do yourself a favor and talk to Melissa. You wont be sorry! Thanks Melissa.
12-21-2011 - Sevenoaks English Setters Hilary Oakes
I have been breeding English Setters for over 30 years. I first met Melissa Newman over 25 years ago when I purchased a Blue Belton English Setter from her called Am.Can. Ch. SetrRidge Windems Windsong (Wendy) who became my foundation bitch for the wonderful English Setters I breed and own today. Melissa over the years has become one of my very best friends, during our friendship, I have purchased several dogs from her, all of which have had sound temperaments, great personalities, excellent confirmation and have all been in good health. We have bred litters together, her business ethics have been beyond reproach and our business and personal relationship has improved over time to the very strong bond and friendship that we have today. I would recommend her English Setters to anyone at anytime without any hesitation. Melissa has been an icon in our breed, she has bred some of the top dogs in North America and all over the world. Many of the dogs she has bred and sold have earned hunting titles, obedience titles and conformation titles, and many have been placed in family homes and have made wonderful companion dogs, I can personally attest to having owned dogs from Melissa who have earned their hunting titles, obedience titles and have shown dogs purchased from her and bred by her and myself to Best In Shows in Canada and the US, all of these animals have lived with me and my family in my home as companion dogs as well. I am more than willing to supply references to anyone who would like to contact me at any time. Hilary Oakes, Sevenoaks English Setters www.englishsetter.ca
12-20-2011 - Pam & Amy Miller
Pam & Amy Miller As a breeder, owner and trainer of English Setters for over 35 years I knew who to call when I decided to get back into English Setters. In 2008 I contacted you looking for a dual type male. You sent us a beautiful baby boy that took over our hearts immediately. Since then we have received 2 more dogs from you. All 3 males have excellent temperaments and are beautiful specimens of the breed, in the show ring as well as in the field. Other people have also commented on how friendly and loving they are. They welcome 4 legged guest as well as 2 legged guest into their home with a wagging tail. They all live together and they are best buddies. They are all excellent with children. In fact my 4 year old grand daughter takes them for walks and brushes them regularly and refers to them as her dogs. You are always one call away and very helpful and interested in their progress. We couldn't be happier with our boys. They were all very social puppies and you could tell they were raised with care. Thanks for being such a caring and compassionate person to the breed that we both love! CH Set'r Ridge's Trademark JH Set'r Ridges's Bold Impression Set'r Ridges National Pride N' Glory
12-20-2011 - Regina Meyer's five setters
We have owned seven English Setters over the past 32 years, most often two or three at a time. We welcomed the first of Melissas dogs, Sadie, our Hadji daughter 22 years ago. As soon as we met her we knew, we would go to Melissa for our dogs going forward. I cant adequately describe whats so wonderful about Melissas breeding without reference to our five dogs. Sadie captured our hearts the first day home when she waged puppy war on every sprinkler head in the irrigation system. Whether at the groomer or just hanging out, she mothered and took care of Lily, our other setter who was two years her senior. Sadie was spunky, so sound in every way. She had an elegant, aristocratic beauty and carriage her entire 15 years one of my sons commented that she surely must have arrived with Prada luggage. My 12- year old girl Pansy is a Zion daughter. Its too bad we dont hunt because she would have been awesome. Shes a loyal, funny, way smart dog. And yes, shes really pretty. Shes a great judge of character and for 2 years, she had us reasonably convinced she was a human. That is until we brought 5 month old Quentin home. As my husband puts it, she all but said, Oh my. Thank you, Mother! Quentin was, indeed, handsome and regal; he moved with such grace- no wonder he turned heads everywhere he went. One elderly neighbor said, I love to just see him out. He was the son of Zion, who Melissa described as having a deep desire to please and Oreo, who she called outgoing. He inherited the best of both parents. In a word, he was sweet; a bigger sweetheart has never been born. Everyone loved him. We were devastated to lose him unexpectedly this summer a few months shy of his 10th birthday, still enjoying the prime of his life until the very last day. Several neighbors actually cried when they learned of his passing, and many who wed never met that drive or walk past our house stopped to express sadness. (Melissa, if you hadnt insisted you thought Id like 5 month old Quentin instead of a very young puppy because he was such a great dog, wed never have known and loved him thank you so much for that.) Though I knew Quentin was one of a kind (each is), I called Melissa in mid-July. We were smitten with 5-month-old Linus when we saw him on the Setter Ridge Facebook page. (Melissa, you need to keep posting on Facebook yet another great network for those of us who love your dogs.) The first thing the vet said to Linus was, You have some mighty big shoes to fill. And at 10 months, he has certainly made quick work of filling our hearts. People dont believe me when I tell them he is even sweeter and gentler than he is striking. (As one friend puts it, hes such a looker. But what else would you expect out of Zach and Pantera?) Its particularly endearing when he sneaks a kisses to my diminutive 2 year old granddaughter and she routinely fires off Thanks, buddy. Hes also done beautifully in obedience we cant wait to see him cover lots of ground, running off -lead at the parklands and the beach in the next several months. Quentin and Pansy were so tight (in love) that we wanted Linus to grow up in a similar relationship. Lucy flew in from Seattle on October 14 at 8 weeks of age. At 4 months, she is still ridiculously cute. Though she sometimes thinks of herself as Rin -Tin -Tin, she is acutely aware that shes also cute. In fact, she is acutely aware of most things, an incredibly bright and intuitive puppy. Shes like, well, Lucy that really smart little girl you knew back in elementary school. For example, sometimes when we ask Linus to sit she makes a point of beating him to it. She also loves to chat us up. We feel a deep connection to her after two months, and like the others, she responds with tons of love. Shes irresistible. My grandsons, ages 4 and 2, enthusiastically cheer her on when she and Linus play and wrestle. Cmon Lucy youre winning. It would ruin their fun if I explained to them that Linus knows its in his best interest to let her win. The same way that Lucy and Linus know that Pansy deserves respect and Pansy knows she is the grand dame and puppies keep life interesting. Theyre Setter Ridge English Setters, after all. Thanks Melissa for being so generous with sharing your expertise and wisdom over the years. You breed English Setters with meticulous care and depth of experience and knowledge for all the right reasons. Our 5 dogs have been loving, healthy, bright, beautiful, gentle, graceful, and athletic. Theyve also shared a sparkle I cant really describe, just another testament to your integrity of breeding. Our dogs and your calling have immeasurably enriched our lives for 22 years. We cant imagine it any other way. Thank you. Regina Meyer
12-20-2011 - Suzanne Montgomery Bromich Setters
I happen to be sitting here the other day remembering the day I came to visit you and your family and your beautiful dogs many years ago! I always admired the Setter Ridge dogs and was able to finally meet them! What a great trip and a friendship began! You suggested to me to take home this 9 month old blue belton girl to show on the east coast named Raigan! Home she came with me and has never left! She is the sweetest English setter I have ever owned and loves everyone and everything that comes to our house! Then it came time to breed her and I sent her out to your house to whelp the litter! She was a house dog as you promised and loved everyone out there! I am sure my phone calls drove you crazy but you updated me on her and the puppies and how your husband, Paul loved to have breakfast with her in the morning! Our dealings with the litter have been wonderful and you are very easy to deal with! I now have a tri- color girl out of Raigan and she is as sweet as her mother! I have been involved with English setters for 35 years and have never owned the 2 sweetest dogs as Raigan and Allie! I also co-own Cruz, bred by you with my family and he is another sweet dog! Even though I show the dogs (and we have done some very nice winning with Raigan and Allie) they are our family pets and temperament to me is the most important thing and Raigan and Allie are just the greatest! Thank you for entrusting me with these sweet girls! I know that when it comes time to get another English, you will be the one I call! I hope our friendship lasts forever! Suzanne Montgomery Breeder of top winning Gordon Setters under the kennel name Bromwich for over 30 years.
12-19-2011 - Wildwood Kennel, Radonis Family
Melissa, We have always admired your dogs. When I got a chance to handle one of your dogs that you bred out here on the East Coast, I was more than thrilled to. When we got Cruz, Ch. Setr Ridges Skys The Limit, 5 years ago it was love at first sight. We always wanted a beautiful blue boy. He came out of the crate at the airport. He was so cute. We also made a brand new friend. Melissa, youre one of the kindest warmest people I have ever met. If there is anything wrong, I can call you up and youll help me thru. Youve done a lot for this breed, and you can see it through your breeding program. All of us here at Wildwood cant thank you enough. Sincerely, Jennifer Radonis The Radonis Family has been breeding top winning Gordon, Irish and English Setters for 31 years under the Wildwood Kennel name.
12-18-2011 - Rylee
Melissa, We wanted to give you an update on Rylee now that she has been with us for a little over two weeks. Rylee came into our house and captured our hearts! Everyone in the family is absolutely captivated by her! Even when she is in her most mischievous moments she is still a sweet heart. And what a baby she is! When she arrived I expected her to be sad for several days but that was just not the case. She came right in like she has always been here. Her intelligence is nothing less than scary. She is picking up on obedience training quickly and generally "gets" what we are teaching in just one or two attempts. Around here, German Shorthairs seem to be the bird dog of choice. We just don't see English Setters so already she is a head turner. I'm sure you are used to it but it is absolutely amazing watching her change everyday and get more and more coloration and coat. And her face! There is not a person that has seen her yet that is not captivated by her eyes! Attached please find a couple of pictures of how Rylee is developing. She is growing like a weed and had firmly planted herself in our hearts. I can't wait to get to the field with her and flush our first covey of birds! Regards, James Ledbetter
12-08-2011 - Williams Family puppy
Hello Melissa, I wanted to give you an update on Allie. From the day she arrived we have been so very pleased with her. She is such a great mix of sweet and silly but also a good dose of sassy. She is very smart - she was walking on the leash the very first day, potty trained by 10 weeks; picked up her basic commands quickly (her recall is outstanding, she RUNS back to me) and even sits quietly while in the kitchen as I prepare her meals. She she immediately bonded with her new 'brother' a big black Lab; and only 2 weeks after arriving, we left on a 2 week road trip and her attitude was just great, she didn't miss a beat. The overall round trip she endured 15 hours in a vehicle, which she handled amazingly well - encountered 5 new canine family members, 7 new human family members and countless other new people - she made fast friends with every one ! And discovered the whole new world of the beach which she handled like a champ. I was able to let her off leash much of the time we were on the island, no surprise the only distraction - BIRDs! She is a great puppy, the smart, silly clown of a girl that we were hopeful for. We are grateful- she has brought much joy to us in such a short period of time. Everywhere we go I get asked 'what kind of dog is that' quickly followed by 'oh she's so beautiful'. So thank you for proving us with such a fine girl, and keep up the good work. She's a lovely dog, and I expect she will continue to impress us as she grows up. We have many adventures ahead of us, and I know she'll meet every new situation with grace and likely some comic relief as well. All the best, Mary, Dave, Jake and Allie Williams Cumming, Ga
09-06-2011 - Our Dual working dog.
09-06-2011 - Dave Gingrich I am a bird hunter. I love English Setters and I have owned setters since 1975. To me, there are very few pleasures that can compare to a crisp Fall day, hunting grouse in the woods with a fine English Setter. I believe that Melissa Newman breeds the finest English Setters. Her record of raising Dual Champions is really remarkable. I started watching her website in 2006. In August 2008, I visited the site and fell in love with a pup named Gunner. Now Gunner has lived with us for three years and he is Champion Set'r Ridge's Guns N Roses JH. Gunner is a very happy dog with a wonderful temperament. He loves all people and all dogs. His behavior in our home is wonderful. In the show ring, Gunner won three majors and finished August 28 in Atlanta with a 5-point major! Best of all, Gunner really loves birds. Gunner has hunted wild grouse in North Carolina, wild pheasants in South Dakota, as well as hunting preserves in Wisconsin, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. He handles it all very well. He is athletic, he has an excellent nose and he can hunt all day for several days in a row (caution: you really need to watch a dog's glycogen levels when you hunt this intensely). He earned his AKC Junior Hunter title with four consecutive passes. Plus he is the handsomest dog I have ever hunted with! Thank you, Melissa, for breeding such a fine companion!
08-29-2010 - Dennis Scott
Hi Melissa, I am truly blessed to have the privilege of befriending such a remarkable person such as yourself. My life began on a Friday two years ago when I picked up a wonderful Blue Belton boy at the airport, what a life changing event this was to be. His name said it all, Set\'r Ridge\'s Tender Hearted. It brings tears to my eyes and fond memories for all he has done for me. I had a stroke about a year ago now, and he was to be my saving grace. He didn\'t care I was messed up or couldn\'t talk right, he just loved me for me. My brother took care of him when I was in the hospital, but he became depressed, always looking for me and waiting for me to come home. The doctor allowed him to come see me and the therapy lady lent him a therapy dog vest so he could stay with me all day when he was there. He gave me great therapy and hope and the reason to get well. When I came home, he took great care of me, getting me towels and what not\'s, always eager to help me along. That\'s alot on a plate for a nine month old puppy to achieve. What a handsome young man he has turned out to be, and a great hunter to boot. He has no formal hunting lessons, just a great hunting instinct. He is spot on about the birds, never ever second guess him because he is always right. I knew I just couldn\'t have one of these fabulous animals, so you sent me a drop dead gorgeous girl, Whitney, aka Baby Girl. This girl is eye candy and the most precious and loving little lady, my little spooner, a true beauty. I Thank You very much for offering your home to them when I moved to N. Dakota. You took great care of them and they looked awesome when they got home. I am so still not believing you allowed me to have Dusty, my handsome Tri boy. He is spot on and going to be an awesome dog and an asset to the English Setter breed. I know there is no perfect dog, but, in my opinion he is very close to it. He is growing everyday and getting more handsome, if that\'s possible, by the minute. He is very intelligent, loving and eager to learn. I must say to you that, great dogs come from great breeding and I Thank You for your dedication and hard work. Your English Setters are top of the line and a blessing to have. I am the proud owner of three of your fine animals. Dennis Scott
08-28-2010 - Steve & Barbara Lee
As a boy, age 7 or 8, we had a neighbor that owned an English Setter. It was just their pet, rarely groomed properly, but always ready to play with my brother and I. I cant remember his name but that dog left a lasting memory with me. When I grew older and became responsible enough to own and take care of dogs properly, I purchased Lab's because my outdoor passions were geared towards waterfowl hunting. All these years, I never quit thinking about some day getting my first English Setter. We lost our last two Lab's about a year and a half ago due to old age. They were both over 16. Now that my waterfowl days have slowed to occasional guided hunt, the day had come for my first English Setter. At age 62, I was a bit apprehensive about getting such an energetic breed of dog. I spoke with a few local field dog trainers. I went on line to research the pro's and con's of this breed, contacted State and National English Setter organizations and heavily researched breeders. I looked at over a dozen breeder websites and the pedigrees of their best dogs. Most had one thing in common. The name Setter Ridge kept showing up over and over again. After finalizing our decision, we contacted you Melissa, and soon purchased a pet quality, Orange Belton puppy you were calling Marco. Although that was a fine name, we had already decided on the name Cody after my wife Barbara's great, great uncle. We picked him up at the airport and boy was he happy to see us. He settled into his new home quite nicely and it wasn't long before we decided he needed a companion. Back to your website we went. We looked at all of the available Setters and spotted a show quality, Blue Belton puppy we just had to have. Again we picked the little guy up at the airport. He was ready to meet his new owners. We could hear him clear out on the tarmac being driven to the cargo area. We knew then that this boy was going to be a handful. We named him Caleb. We have had these two boys for well over a year now. They were, and still are full of energy, always finding ways to get into mischief yet never for a moment, failing to make us grateful for making that decision to get them. There hasn't been a moment we haven't been able to overlook the little pitfalls of puppyhood and now their doggy adolescent years. These two boys are everything I remembered as a young boy and more. Always excited to see Barb and I, always giving their unconditional love, and providing hours of entertainment as they play together in the yard. As you already know Melissa, we received a huge bonus with these two guys. We had received suggestions that we show Caleb, and with Cody really needing his first grooming, we listened to the recommendation and contacted handler's Kathy Grayson and Roger Kibbee. After grooming Cody, they were really surprised and said Cody was a very nice dog and would show nicely. They took one look at Caleb and said he would finish fast. We took them to a few shows so Kathy could work with them. Every time we did that, Caleb would always draw a lot of attention from other English Setter breeders and handlers. The rest is history. Caleb had his championship at age 11 months and now at 15 months is one third the way towards his grand championship. Cody, early on, not quite as enthusiastic about showing as Caleb was, is now coming along and almost minored out. At the bottom of all your emails, you have a beautiful wish for God to bless us as much as he has you. Well, with a little help from you Melissa, God has blessed us with these two amazing boys. I can't imaging not having them in our lives. You know the medical issues I have had to deal with over the last few years, not excluding my beautiful wife Barbara or God, these two wonderful dogs and the friendships I have made at the shows have given me additional strength to carry on. Thank you so much.
08-27-2010 - Michelle Eastman
We have had 3 of Melissa's English Setters. They are funny, goofy, healthy and a great joy to us. Though one has passed over the rainbow bridge, we still have 2 of the finest specimens of the breed. Where ever we go people stop us and ask, "what kind of dog is that?" We feel like we are the ambassadors of the breed. We live in a tourist town and so many visitors want to know all about them. Many have said they want to get one based on their experiences with Corky and Pai.They are sweet, gentle and loving.Before I found Melissa's ES, I had purchased and ES from another breeder. Though I loved that boy dearly, he had health problems from day one. One of the things we truly appreciate about Melissa is her dedication to insuring the long term health and intelligence of the breed. She even got the AKC's first Breeder award for her efforts. We can't say enough about our first hand experiences with this wonderful breed epitomized by the dogs in Melissa's line. When time comes to add another member to our family,you can be assured we will be right at Melissa's door taking home another little spotted jewel.
08-23-2010 - Jennifer J. Smith
Hi Melissa I just wanted to tell you that Mandy has been an amazing addition to my family. She not only is amazing with my 16 month old daughter Carolynn, but she is awesome with my German Shepherds. I take her to handling class every Sunday, now this is a German Shepherd handling class and we don't have other breeds come and my Shepherd friends don't have other breeds. But they all love Mandy and try to take her home with them. They all just love her temperament and how she gets along with all the GSD's at class male, female, young, old, doesn't matter to Mandy! And they love that she loves all people. They also were all very impressed to see natural instinct come through with no training and no real encouragement when she sees a bird she goes into a beautifully stand and watches! She will even lead you to the stop where the birds are. My GSD handler never really even had any interest in other breeds even when going to the all breed dog shows he doesn't watch other breeds but ever sinse i got Mandy he just loves her! He plays with her every Sunday and just rolls around in the grass with her. He is just amazed at how out going and playful yet affectionate she is. And sinse my GSD friends don't know anything about the breed and a few of them are AKC GSD judges they went and looked up the standard for English Setters and were amazed at just how closely she matches the standard! She truly is not only a beautiful correct Setter but she is an awesome family member. I look forward to her show career and adding another Setter Ridge Setter in the hopefully not to far future! Thank you again Melissa for allowing Mandy to join my family. Talk to you soon and I will keep you posted on Mandy! Jennifer J. Smith
06-22-2010 - Brett & Lynda
I can't begin to tell you how much we are enjoying our puppy, Isabeau. Isabeau is a gorgeous Tri, inheriting her good looks from each of her parents, Zach and Hanna. EVERYWHERE we go, people stop us and ask what kind of dog she is, and tell us that she is the most beautiful dog they have ever seen. Her temperament matches her beauty; she is sweet, loving, and eager to learn. It has really surprised us how easy she has been to train. For example, she rings bells at the front door when she needs to go out, and has not had an accident since she was ten weeks old. We constantly turn to each other and exclaim: "She is the perfect dog!" She particularly loves playing hide and seek in the tall grass with Brett (she is a natural with her nose and instincts), and going to the Marymoor dog park. Today, she had a great time chasing a butterfly; her instincts for birds and all flying things are really sharp. She has been pointing for several weeks (she is 4 1/2 months old right now). People always ask us where we got Isabeau, and we are ready with praise for you, Melissa. We actually took a few years looking for the perfect breeder, and interviewed a few. The day we met you, we knew we had found the right place. We have been so impressed with your absolute commitment to your dogs and their health, and feel that you have made us a part of your family when we adopted Isabeau. We especially appreciate the fact that you offer additional trainings for the extended adoption "family." We know that we can turn to you for advice and for the proper way to raise an English Setter. We are absolutely thrilled with Isabeau and with Setter Ridge. Thank you! Lynda and Brett Cherry
05-27-2010 - Melissa Mickelson
Hi Melissa, I wanted to include some updated pictures of Winnie. (I know, I know, there are a lot, I'm sorry!) She is out of Chloe and Carter. I can't believe she'll be a year old in just one month! I like to think that we've made it through puppyhood, but her energetic, happy antics and range of personalities keeps us so entertained. She is a cuddler, so very affectionate and always has her nose to the ground in new places. At the end of the day I say, "Go to bed!" and she jumps up on the big overstuffed armchair in my bedroom. (We crate trained, but now that she is a good girl she gets to be out at night). At the park she'll watch birds patiently until we tell her "You're free!" and then she'll sprint off after them with the most incredible speed. Her favorite thing to do is to eat, though we can't seem to get her over the 42 pound mark no matter how hard we try. She also loves to nap on our back deck and watch the koi swim around in the pond below. A bond has also occurred between Winnie and our housecat Jerry. (I included a photo of the two of them on the first day they met). Winnie likes to alternately sniff him a little roughly, and then dart back, going down on her front two legs to try and initiate play, which rarely happens on Jerry's side of things! We took her hiking in Mammoth Lakes, California this weekend and she saw snow for the first time and just loved it! All day long she was popping her nose in and out of the snow and catching snowballs with her mouth. I thought you might enjoy having some pictures of her. I definitely see the Carter in her, especially in the eyes. She loves everyone and sneezes and wiggles her butt and shyly looks up when she is meeting new people. She went through beginning and advanced obedience and got her AKC Good Citizen and Star Puppy Award all before she was seven months old! I don't have her in a Setter clip, because her coat is so soft and fluffy and we don't show her, so we figure what the heck! She has the funniest little mohawk on her head that always gets comments. Einstein head, we call her. Is this typical of setters, or is her hairdo something special? She looks a bit scraggly in these pictures because of her time in the snow, but hopefully you can see past it to what a beautiful dog you have gifted me with. If you ever need testimonials for your webpage or otherwise, I would be happy to provide them. Whenever anyone asks me, "Why a Setter?" I glow and tell them I'll never have another breed. My parents in Minnesota even have a framed photo of her on their mantle next to the photos of their yellow lab and Goldendoodle, and call Winn their "Furry Grandchild" Keep the beauties coming! I'll be coming back when we're ready for doggie number two! -Melissa M.
05-26-2010 - We love our setters Boone and Riggs!
Hi Melissa, Boone and Riggs have just had birthdays and turned 4 yrs. and 2 yrs. and we love them more every day !!!! English Setters are the greatest. I am attaching a photo of them and Ron hunting last fall. They are great hunters and do they ever love it. They start howling when we reach the Ellensburg turn off the freeway we usually take. They sleep all the way home after a long day hunting. They go nuts when we have pheasant for dinner too!!!!! At home they both have become very loving and cuddly dogs. They like to be right with us all the time and still are lap dogs. Boone is huge but still wants to be in Ron's lap. We thought when we got Riggs he was to be a playmate for Boone since Boone loved playing with other dogs. That idea sort of back fired because puppy Riggs was always biting and chewing on Boone. Boone hated it and became a much quieter dog. He lost a lot of his spunk. But just recently ( at 2 and 4 years old) they seem to be great pals. They play together for long periods of time. They run and run and run chasing each other. Boone chases off neighbor dogs that scare Riggs. Boone will get right between them protecting Riggs. Riggs doesn't bug Boone any more. They are always together following each other around the yard, chasing birds and playing with toys or whatever. They are so friendly to guests and don't jump up on them. Ron and I just can't imagine how we ever lived without them. They are our kids now. In the evening they cuddle up near us and together. We feed them separately but they don't fight over food. They can drink and eat out of the same bowls. They are so sweet, gentle and mellow most of the time. When it is time to have a good time or go hunting they get sooooo excited. They love it when we say "beach" and we take them to run on our beach. Riggs tends run and swim chasing birds all over. He swims out a long ways. Boone will run on the beach and up to his knees in the water. He likes to play with the little minnows in shallow water. They are the "perfect" dogs and on top of all these great qualities they both are beautiful. People comment on their looks often. They have a very regal look. Sorry to go on so long. You probably have heard this over and over, but they are just awesome dogs. They learn new things easily too. Thanks so much for your help, advice and for he dogs!!!! Hope things are OK with you??? Roz and Ron