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In Memoriam
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  • Hadji - Dual CH Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold CDX MH OFA GOOD ,EL,BAER
  • Hadji was a regal dog. He had exuded personality and drive. He was eager to learn anything that was asked of him. He was a performer and a hunting dog. He did it all. He was liked by everyone. He had a fabulous temperament and he produced all of his good qualities. He will always be my heart dog. Here is a list of Hadji's get that finished their AKC Championships. Hadji 133 Champions Ch Abbyroad Alchymist [D] Ch Abbyroad Dreyfus Solid Gold [D] Ch Abbyroad Smooth Criminal [D] Am Can Ch Artizoe' Angel Nellie [B] BISS Am Can Ch Artizoe' Color of My Love SP-W [B] BIS BISS Am Can Ch Artizoe' Nelson Casanova SP-W TPS [D] Ch Artizoe' New England Valentine [B] Am Can Ch Am Can Ch Artizoe' Power of Love SP-W [B] Ch Brasswind Beowulf De Cadeaux [D] Ch Brasswinds All Th't Glitrs Isn't Gold TPD [B] Ch Brasswinds Halleluja Sunrise CGC [B] Ch Brasswinds Hot Topic TPS [D] Ch Brasswinds Velvet Goldmine [B] Am Can Ch Briarstone Excelyn Summer Wine [D] Am Can Ch Briarstone Upland Kerrygold Spec W[B] Am Can Ch Briarstone's Finest Brandywine [B] Am Can Ch Briarstones Simon And Simon CGC [D] Ch Crossroad Gold Note [D] Ch Crossroad Lynnin'n' Gold [D] Ch Edwardian Gold Label CD [D] Ch Edwardian Gold Standard CD [D] Ch English Times Benneton [D] BIS BISS Ch English Times Bugle Boy SPEC-BOB SP-W TPS [D] Ch English Times Gold Strike [D] Ch English Times Tomboy GR-P TPD [B] BIS Nat Spec BOB Westm BOB Ch Esthete's Splendorinthegrass SPEC-BOB SP-W BIS [D] Ch Esthete's The Lady of Shalott JH SP-W [B] Ch Glen-Aire Keep on Dreaming [B] Ch Gold Rush Gold Banker [D] Ch Gold Rush Sentimental Journey JH [B] Dual CH Gold Rush's Fancy Dancer CDX SH SPEC-BOB CGC GR-I[B] Ch Grouser's Only Hearsay GR-I [B] Ch Honeyspot's All American Boy GR-I [D] Ch Honeyspots Wild Orchid [B] Ch Kelyric Fools Rush In [D] BIS BISS Ch Kelyric Jelly's Last Jam SPEC-BOB SP-W [D] BISS Ch Khyczar's Blue Fir GR I[D] Ch Khyczars Brass Buttons [B] Ch Khyczar's Red Oak JH [D] BIS Nat Spec BOBx3 Ch Lampliter Attah-Tud O'Trabeiz SPEC-BOB TPD GR-I [B] Ch Lampliter Dreamboat Annie [B] Ch Lampliter Maggie May [B] Ch Lampliter The Book Of Love [D] Ch Larchmont Gold N' Glitter CD [D] Ch Larchmonts Gold Connoisseur [D] Ch Larchmonts Gold Studded Suit [D] Ch Lynann's Fanchon Sapphires [B] Am Can Ch Maldawn Semalina Bitrsweet Diva [B] Am Can Ch Maldawn Semalina Joint Venture GR P [D] BIS Am Can Ch Maldawn Semalina Ms. Chevious SPEC-BOB BIS[B] Ch MiJeans 'N Stagedoor Sasha [B] Ch Milroy's Harvest Gold [B] Ch Milroy's Heart O'Gold CD SP-W [B] Ch Noel Summer's Haviland Gold SPEC-BOB GR-P [D] Ch Noel's Duet F'ne Porcelain Gold [B] Ch Noel's Fine China Gold [B] Ch Noel's Fine Weatherstone Gold [D] Ch Random Winds Champagne Dreams JH [D] Ch Random Winds When I Dream [B] Ch Randomwindstouchstonetalisman [D] Am Can Ch Reidwood Airs In Hand [B] Am Can Ch Reidwood Airs Of An Angel [B] Am Can Ch Reidwood Dare To Dream Spec W TPS [D] Ch Reidwood Niagara Gold [B] BIS Nat Spec BOB Am Can Ch Reidwood Poetry In Motion SPEC-BOB TPD[B] Ch Rose Acres Early Times [D] Ch Santan Play'N by the Rules JH [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Accolade In Gold TPS [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Belle Farms Gold Ty [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Dressed In Gold SP-W [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Fleet St Goldleaf [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Gold Cotton Kandi Nat Spec RWB [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Gold Medalist SPEC-BOB [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Kaerdons Gold Dust [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Larchmont HotGold [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Misty Gold Jardin SP-W [B] BISS Westm BOB Ch Set'r Ridge Monimar Cuervo Gold JH GR P [B] Am Mex Int Ch Set'r Ridge Noel Gold Mikasa GR I [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Noel's Gold Card GR I[B] Ch Set'r Ridge Platinum Bentley [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Platinum Challenge [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Searchin' for Gold [D] Am Can Ch Set'r Ridge Sevenoaks Allgold CD GR-I Spec WD TPS [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Strike The Gold TPD [B] Ch Set'r Ridge Stylecast in Gold JH HD [D] Ch Set'r Ridge Sutan Olympic Gold [D] BIS Nat Spec BOB Westm GRP Ch Set'r Ridge Wyndswept in Gold SPEC-BOB BIS [B] Ch Set'r Ridge XXIV Karat Gold [B] Ch Set'r Ridge XXIV Karat Gold II CDX [B] Ch Set'r Ridgegold Bromsdalebabe [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Color Me Gold Gr P[D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Card [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Chance [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Reflection [D] AM JPN Set'r Ridge's Golden Boy [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Goldilocks GR I [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Graceful Gold GR I TPD [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Heaven Scent [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Ice Crystal [B] BIS Am Can Ch Set'r Ridge's Made of Gold Nat Spec RWD SPEC BOW [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Native Gold [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Pemberly Gold GR I [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Platinum Black [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Platinum MiJean [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Platinum Power [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Power Of Gold [D] Dual BBE BIS CH Set'r Ridge's Real Gold MH AWM NAT TPS [D] BISS Ch Set'r Ridge's Select Gold GR I TPS [D] Ch Set'r Ridge's Silver And Gold [B] Ch Set'r Ridge's Sky of Gold GR-P [B] Am Can Jpn Ch Set'r Ridge's Solid Platinum TPS [D] BIS Am Can Ch Sevenoaks Devonshire Cream SP-W [B] Am Can Ch Sevenoaks Equal Justice Spec W TPS [D] BIS Am Can Ch Ch Sevenoaks Four Past Midnight [B] BIS Am Can Ch Sevenoaks Golden Garters BIS [B] BIS Am Can Ch Sevenoaks Raspberry Ripple SP-W [B] Ch Sevenoaks Set'r Ridge Blackgold TPD [B] Ch Silverline Wind Spirit [B] Ch Stagedoor Ebony And Ivory CD Nat BOW TPD [B] Ch Stagedoor 'N MiJeans Prima GR-I [B] BIS Ch Stagedoor Penny Lane Nat BOS TPD [B] Ch Stagedoor Strawberry Fields [B] Ch Starions Bewitched by Gold GR-P [B] Ch Sunburst Dear Abby [B] Am Jpn Ch Sunshine Palace S. Golden State GR I[D] Ch Tartan's Hi Honor [D] BISS Ch Touchstone Coffee Cantata CDX SPEC-BOB [B] Ch Briarstone's Life Is A Cabernet B Ch Noels Talisman Gold D Ch Milroy's Year of the Tiger National WD D Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Legend D Ch Set'r Ridge's Legecy of Gold D Ch Set'r Ridge's Gold Reign D Hadji's Obedience titled get: Set'r Ridge's Plumas Gold Dust CDX Set'r Ridge's Field Champion get: Dual Ch Set'r Ridge's Real Gold MH Dual Ch Gold Rush Fancy Dancer MH

  • Canaan - Am Can CH Set'r Ridge's Select Gold OFA GOOD, El,Thyroid, BAER
  • Canaan was the best tempermented dog. He loved all dogs,kids,animals and anything that came his way. He didn't have a mean bone in his body. He prodcuced great bone, size, movement and temperaments. He is truely missed at Setter Ridge.

  • Jhahil - Am Can CH Fieldplay's Set'r Ridge Jhahil CD HD OFA Good , BAER
  • Jhahil was the foundation dog of our kennel. He produced some great dogs, amoung them: Hadji, Wendy and Zabri and many more. He was a strong solid masculine dog. With great movement, drive and temperament. He left a huge whole in our hearts when he left us.

  • Elijah - Am CH Set'r Ridge's Honored Prophet OFA Excellent, BAER
  • Elijah was a beautiful blue English Setter. He was an older style English Setter. He had great type and an absolutely beautiful English Setter head. His head was long and lean and had great depth and was equal in proportion with good stop and masculine. He was a powerful dog and produced very athletic dogs. We miss him greatly.

  • Desi - Ch Set'r Ridge's Quaking Aspen OFA BAER
  • Desi was an umbelievable producer. Her puppies were beautiful and they all had awesome temperaments. Amoung them were Teakoa, Datan, Darius, Mysti, Joshua, Joseph, Aura, Samson, Alex, Jonah, Aspen, Trystan,Rose,and Dani.

  • Dusty - Set'r Ridge Plumas Gold Dust Am Can UKC ASCA CD CDX
  • Elizar - Am Can Jap CH Set'r Ridge Solid Platinum BAER
  • Elizar was a breathtaking blue dog. He had an unbelievable coat and his color was so striking. He had a wonderful temperament and was loved by many. He is a grandfather to several great dogs including Ch Timbertrails Braveheart.

  • Kedesh - Am CH Set'r RidgeWyndswept Kedesh OFA GOOD BAER
  • Kid - Am Can CH Set'r Ridge Lookin At You Kid JH OFA EL, BAER
  • Kid was the number one English Setter in the US in 1995 and 1996. He won the breed at Westminster twice. He won two Awards of Merits at the ESAA Nationals and he was Best of Opposite one year. He was also a top ten sporting dog. Kid was an awesome temperamented dog and he was fun to be around. He had a beautiful flying side gait and had great movement coming and going. He had the shortest truest hocks moving with beautiful drive. He had the best qualities from both his Mom Zabri and Dad Meshach.

  • Meshach - Am Can CH Set'r Ridge Accolade In Gold OFA Excellent,OFA El, BAER
  • Meshach was a beautiful blue dog. He was masculine and elegent together. He was a powerful dog with a great stride. He produced Kid BIS AM CAN JPN CH Set'r Ridge Here's To You Kid JH #1 English Setter 95' and 96'. Meshach was much loved by Debra and Mike Kloehn. He had the best home for 15 plus years. He is missed greatly.

  • Rashad - Set'r Ridge's Bromsdale Rashad OFA BAER
  • Ronnie - Am CH Set'r Ridge's Rose Of Cimmaron OFA GOOD, BAER
  • Sabra - Am CH Set'r Ridge's Colorgold OFA GOOD, BAER
  • Tissa - Am CH Kadon's Set'r Ridge Tissa OFA BAER
  • Tissa was an incredible dog and an incredible producer. She produced multiple Best In Show dogs and Specialty winning dogs. She had the most wonderful temperament. She is sorely missed.

  • Zabri - Am Can CH Bluprint's Set'r Ridge's Zabri JH OFA BAER
  • Zabri was the number one English Setter in the US in 1994. She was a beautiful moving dog with elegence and strength. She is Kid's Dam. Kid was the #1 ES in 1995 and 1996. Zabri went Best of Opposite sex at the 1996 ESAA National. Her brother Hadji Dual Ch Set'r Ridge's Solid Gold CDX MH HDX CGC won Best OF Breed. Zabri won two Award of Merits at the Nationals and two Best of Opposites. Including at the California National with Micah showing her. Micah was only ten years old. We all miss Zabri.